Optical Functions for Information Technology (FOTON) Open Access Repository

HAL-FOTON is an open access repository providing access to the research output of the FOTON Research Center

Director: Pascal Besnard

Research Areas:

  • Axis I: Devices and functionalities for optical communications
  • Axis II: Microwave, millimeter and Tera-Hertz optics
  • Axis III: Innovative materials for photonics
  • Axis IV: Instrumentation, optical sensors and imaging
  • Axis V: Advanced concepts for photovoltaics
  • Axis VI: Lasers physics and metrology

Research Teams:

UMR FOTON, ENSSAT, 6 rue de Kerampont, CS 80518, F-22305 Lannion Cedex, France

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Optical injection Gravitational radiation detector Polymères Fiber optics Bistability Detector network Exciton Quantum dots LIGO Semiconductors Optical properties Holographic recording Erbium Microcavities All-optical signal processing Confinement Polymers Cohérence Semiconductor lasers Pertes optiques Modulation Micro-resonator Density functional theory Nonlinear optics Luminescence Chalcogenide glasses Waveguides Modes de galerie Photonics on silicon Bragg mirror Photonic integrated circuits Lasers Fiber laser Photovoltaic InP substrate GaP Verre de chalcogénure Télécommunications optiques Injection optique Thin films III-V semiconductors All-optical regeneration Solar cells Polymère Silicium poreux Porous silicon Hybrid perovskites Optical feedback Integrated optics Liquid crystals Four-wave mixing Microcavity Photovoltaics Whispering gallery modes General relativity Hybrid perovskite Binary compact Optique intégrée Microresonators Nanostructures Laser Fibre optique Chalcogenide glass Micro-résonateur Neutron star binary Gravitational radiation direct detection Mid-infrared Galaxy VCSEL Optical communications Optical communication Photoluminescence Gamma ray burst Molecular beam epitaxy Silicon Refractive index Régénération tout-optique Quantum wells Optical pumping Coupled resonators Adaptive step-size control Laser à fibre Binary coalescence Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers VIRGO Optique Wavelength conversion Bruit d'intensité InP Photonic crystals Black hole binary Gravitational waves Optical losses Silicon photonics DFT Detector sensitivity Gravitational radiation emission Optoelectronics Gravitational radiation Semiconductor laser

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